Our church is a home-school friendly church. This group is designed to encourage and support the families and students in our church.




Families who regularly attend TVBC and desire Christ centered gatherings for their children will greatly benefit from TVBC's home-school group.

Joining the home-school group gives many benefits including the following:

  • A formal graduation ceremony to celebrate senior students**
  • Access to inspiring speakers who “have been there.”
  • Several outings and/or field-trips each school year
  • Occasional science/craft fairs
  • A major, 3 month in the making theatrical production every other year
  • Help for parents teaching difficult high school classes.
  • Opportunities to participate in JV and Varsity sports (through the church’s Christian school)
  • More

**The TVBC home-school ministry is simply a support group. TVBC does not endorse curriculums or certify students have earned the credits required by the State of Idaho to graduate from high school. TVBC simply offers parents a platform to graduate their students. Certification of Idaho graduation requirements is the sole responsibility of the graduate’s parents.