MASTER CLUB is a curriculum based discipleship ministry for 3 year-olds through junior high that utilizes verse memorization, citizenship projects, doctrinal lessons, and various weekly activities.




Our goal is to build a strong Biblical foundation for our children, foster lifelong friendships with their peers, and develop mentor relationships with positive role models to cultivate the next generation of strong, Bible-believing Christians.

We meet Wednesday evenings at 7:00 throughout the school year. Children will have game time in the gym, lesson time in small groups, and one-on-one book time with their assigned leader. The kids earn badges throughout the year by memorizing Bible verses, making civic and outreach contributions, and completing assigned book work.

While this is a school year long program, children are welcome to join at any time.

We wrap up each year with a special Awards Night that recognizes the hard work the children put into their Club work.



ages 3, 4, and 5

These classes are broken into age groups to better target the learning abilities of our littlest clubbers. Our Littles groups memorize 20 verses over the course of the year, earn awards for completing their books and participating in projects, and get weekly Bible lessons.

The three-year-olds earn stickers over the course of the year, for the 'Jesus Loves Me' project, 'Good Samaritan' project, and 'My Church Helps Me' project.

Four and five-year-olds can earn badges that include: Loving My Pastor Badge, God’s Son Badge, and God’s Word Badge.

All Master Club Groups
Wednesday, 7:00 PM


Grades 1-3

These classes are grouped according to grade, with increasing complexity of doctrinal truths to fit their age. They will memorize 20 verses over the course of the year and can earn badges that include: The Good Soldier Badge, Good Servant Badge, Sunday School Faithfulness Badge, and Bible Institute Badge.

All Master Club Groups
Wednesday, 7:00 PM


Grades 4-6

This group is divided into girls and boys to better develop mentor relationships with our Master Club leaders. In this three year program, the sky is the limit when it comes to scripture memory and earning badges. Yearly book completion earns clubbers a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum crown. There is an array of additional awards, including Sword Pins, Christian Writing, Music, and Art Badges, Triple Crown Award, and Ambassador Award.

All Master Club Groups
Wednesday, 7:00 PM


Grades 7-8

This group pushes the limits with verse memorization; they regularly strive to memorize entire chapters. Each year is a new challenge to engage these young minds and have fun along the way.

All Master Club Groups
Wednesday, 7:00 PM