Jason and Kristy Starner

We are the Starners and have worked with youth since 2002.  My wife, Kristy, and I were asked in 2011 to lead the Middle School Youth Group and life has never been the same, in a WONDERFUL way of course!!

We were married in 1993 and have attended Treasure Valley Baptist Church since 1998.  I made a profession of faith as a child but wrestled with assurance until 2005 when Evangelist David Ring preached a message on the 11th Commandant, Thou Shalt Not Belly Ache.  That day, I asked Christ to be my personal savior.  Kristy made a profession of faith at 15 but struggled with her salvation.  It was after a message Dr. Peter Ruckman peached at our 4th of July conference, that she asked Christ to be her personal Savior. 

We count it a privilege to work with the
Middle School youth.  These “middle”
years can be that of uncertainty in many facets of their school, friend, church
and home life.  Our prayer and hope is
that during these years, God will become real to them, they will fall in love
with His word and they will be steadfast as Christian young people.  We believe this is best done through Bible
teaching and preaching, activities with a “serving” emphasis and plenty of
fellowship opportunities!!  Our youth is
a mission field and we are thankful God has called us to work with this amazing
group of young people!