Jason and Kristy Starner

Hello and Welcome to the Family Foundations class.  We are the Starner’s.  I, Jason, grew up in Alaska and moved to Idaho when I was 14.  Kristy has lived in Idaho her entire life and is a true “native” Idahoan at heart.  We grew up ½ mile from each other and met riding the school bus to high school.  Church was a part of both our lives growing up as far as attendance but not in  practice.  I had made a profession of faith when I was 11 and Kristy did when she was 15.  We were married in 1993 right after graduating high school.  The beginning of our marriage proved much more difficult than we could have imagined.  Five years in and we were separated, and divorce was looming BUT for the grace of God!  Through the love and counseling at TreasureValley Baptist along with the prayers of our families, the Lord miraculously rebuilt our marriage.  

Clinging to those earlier professions, we both struggled for many years with doubt.  It was after all this, we both realized neither of us had a personal relationship with Christ.  It was at a 4th of July conference in 2000 with Dr. Ruckman that Kristy realized she needed to completely surrender to Christ.  I on the other hand settled it during Bro. Ring’s message in 2005.

Before teaching the Family Foundations class, we worked with the middle school youth group for over 15 years.  Middle schoolers and the ministry were an integral part of our lives and our children’s lives.  We have raised two adult children and currently have one teen at home. Treasure Valley Baptist Church has been our home since 1998.  

We look forward to being able to minister to families and are excited for what Jesus Christ can accomplish in other Christians lives as well.  Some of us have a little more cracks in our vessels than do others, but the cracks allow Christ’s light to shine through to all.