College and Career

Darren and Christy Collom were raised in Christian homes and both accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior when they were young children. They have been blessed to work in the College & Career Group for the last two years after serving for 16 years in the TVBC High School Group. They have been married for 22 years and have two children, Dylan & Casey. Darren and Christy desire to be an example and encouragement for the young adults in the College & Career Group.   

Being raised in Christian homes, Marshall and Kristyn served with their families in a variety of ministries. Marshall’s family, serving in Papua New Guinea for 17 years, relocated to Washington D.C. to start Graceway Baptist Church. In 2015, after helping his family start the church, Marshall moved to Idaho to attend Bible institute. Upon completing TVBC’s Bible Institute, Marshall and Kristyn were engaged, and soon married in October 2018. They love serving together in the local church; and aim to be a good example, and encouragement to the people around them.

Jake and Michelle Parker have been married since 2015 and currently live in Nampa. They stay busy rearing their son Dayton, serving in the church, and enjoying the great outdoors. Jake and Michelle enjoy serving in the College and Career group and strive to be a blessing to the young adults who attend the group.