2013 Messages

08-10 SatMy God Shall Supply All Your NeedsRick SowellDownload
08-13 Tue AM 1Education - Home SchoolingSharon GarciaDownload
08-13 Tue AM 1Learning To DisconnectRick SowellDownload
08-13 Tue AM 2Knowing HimLiz RogersDownload
08-13 Tue AM 2Hosp Visitation-Tech-Men's Bible StudyGarcia-Potts-DotyDownload
08-13 Tue AM 3The Strength Of WeaknessRick DeMicheleDownload
08-13 Tue AM 3ConsiderKathy GippDownload
08-13 Tue PM 1We Don't Have to Live in FearMark RogersDownload
08-13 Tue PM 1Mark Rogers And Family MuiscMark RogersDownload
08-13 Tue PM 2Post Trib Pre WrathSam GippDownload
08-14 Wed AM 1Grace With OthersCindy SowellDownload
08-14 Wed AM 1The Goal of Our Music ProgramMark RogersDownload
08-14 Wed AM 2Managing Your Church FinancesBevins WelderDownload
08-14 Wed AM 3Repent And ReturnSam GippDownload
08-14 Wed PM 1Get In The BoatBrad BrandonDownload
08-14 Wed PM 2Best And Worst Of TimesRick SowellDownload
08-15 Thu AM 1Nuts And Bolts of the Church OfficeLeona RobinsonDownload
08-15 Thu AM 1The Emergent ChurchBrad BrandonDownload
08-15 Thu AM 2Nursery MinistryKathy Huddleston - Lisa WaldrumDownload
08-15 Thu AM 2The Family Integrated ChurchJohn MarshallDownload
08-15 Thu AM 3Conquering The Plateaus Of Soul WinningDennis CorleDownload
08-15 Thu PM 1PrayerRick DeMicheleDownload
08-15 Thu PM 2Are You Paying Your DebtsDennis CorleDownload